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Great Decisions 2022 Briefing Book (1-9)

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PRICE: $25/Book+ $5 S&H to 1 location Note: For 1-9 Books, $5 S&H applicable. For 10+ Books, discounts may apply, contact ICWA 317-704-4689 or info@indianaworld.org. Attn: Books Great Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs. The Foreign Policy Association's model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, watching the DVD and participating in a group discussion on the most challenging global issues facing America today. In Indiana, the Indiana Council on World Affairs (ICWA) is the Foreign Policy Association's State Coordinator for books and educational resources, and as such, offers the Great Decisions Briefing Book, the DVD, and the Teacher's Guide digital download, at ICWA's educational discount. For community-based and classroom discussion, the Teacher's Guide contains questions and tools for discussing and expanding understanding of the following: ● American society's multiple world-wide connections. ● Historic context of America’s international relations. ● Global policy issues, options and ethical questions. ● America's challenges from multiple perspectives. Topics for 2022: 1. Changing Demographics 2. Outer Space Policy 3. Climate Change 4. Russia and the U.S. 5. Myanmar and Asean 6. Quad Alliance 7. Drug Policy in Latin America 8. Industrial Policy 9. Biden's Agenda Note: For the Academic WorldQuest 2022 competition, for each high school with a teacher who registers for AWQ 2022, a copy of the Great Decisions 2021 Briefing Book will be provided, upon request and as available. For AWQ 2022, the Great Decisions 2021 Briefing Book is applicable. Note: For orders of 10+ Great Decisions Briefing Books, discounts may apply. Contact: ICWA 317-704-4689 or info@indianaworld.org. Attn: Books. Current as of 01-28-22
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