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Great Decisions 2022 Teachers Guide

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The Great Decisions 2022 Teacher's Guide, a digital, download, includes Lesson Plans for each of the nine (9) Great Decisions 2022 Topics. Each section covers Key Terms and Work Sheets for analyzing historical context and graphic representation of events. It augments instruction for critical thinking for achieving global competency. The Teacher's Guide is used by classroom teachers and Great Decisions group leaders. TOPICS - 2022: 1. Changing Demographics 2. Outer Space Policy 3. Climate Change 4. Russia and he U.S. 5. Myanmar and ASEAN 6. Quad Alliance 7. Drug Policy in Latin America 8. Industrial Policy 9. Biden's Agenda Re: Great Decisions 2021 is applicable for Academic WorldQuest 2022. Note: Current as of 01-01-22
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