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Great Decisions 2022 DVD

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PRICE: DVD $35 + S&H $5 = $40 TOPICS - 2022: 1. Changing Demographics 2. Outer Space Policy 3. Climate Change 4. Russia and the U.S. 5. Myanmar and ASEAN 6. Quad Alliance 7. Drug Policy in Latin America 8. Industrial Policy 9. Biden's Agenda ITEMS OF NOTE: 1. Great Decisions 2022 Briefing Book - This year there are 9 topics, including the bonus topic "Changing Demographics" which affects all the other topics. The 9 chapters are authored by different foreign policy experts. 2. Great Decisions 2022 DVD recordings by the Foreign Policy Association are offered to support Great Decisions groups, either in-person or via Zoom. The recordings are offered as a series of nine 20-minute (est.) "Master Class" lectures, with supporting graphics, narrated by Jeffrey Morton, PhD, Professor at Florida Atlantic University where he teaches international law and foreign policy. Dr. Morton is a Foreign Policy Association Fellow and has been awarded the prestigious Foreign Policy Medal. 3. The Indiana Council on World Affairs offers its Great Decisions 2022 Series presentations and recordings by expert speakers with Q&A. The ICWA presentations are offered FREE and open to the public. Each of the presentations will be recorded and posted on the ICWA web site for individual or group viewing. Note: Current as of 01-01-22
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